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Body Cam
Body Cam (2020)

Plot – When a routine traffic stop results in the unexplained, grisly death of her colleague, a cop realises footage of the incident will play for her eyes only. As the attacks mount, she races to understand the supernatural force behind them – Body Cam.

Director – Malik Vitthal

Starring – Mary J. Blige, Nat Wolff, David Zayas

Genre – Horror | Crime | Mystery

Released – 2020

Although filled with great ideas and a poignant and timely commentary on police relations with the Black community in America, Body Cam fails to successfully scare the viewer and due to the mountains of both crime film and horror movie cliches, struggles to even keep you interested.

Mary J. Blige tried her hardest with the material, while Wolff does his best as an adequate sidekick, however, with a plot filled with “twists” and scares that have been done better multiple times over, this film fails to live up to its potential and the important message it wished to tell.

Rating: 2 out of 5.


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