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Literature | The Lost Village by Neil Spring

The Lost Village
The Lost Village by Neil Spring

Title – The Lost Village

Author – Neil Spring

Genre – Horror | Mystery | Historical

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

I found The Ghost Hunters to be a truly captivating and bittersweet read, and it was a shame when the book ended, which is why it thrilled me so much to learn that Neil Spring had written a follow-up story; The Lost Village. Once again he transports us to interwar Britain, delving deeper into the lives of supernatural investigator Harry Price and his on-again-off-again assistant Sarah Grey as they embark on another investigation into the unknown. From the first page, I was hooked, keeping my attention resolutely, right through until the end.

The Lost Village
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Every page had me thinking up new and ever more complex theories, none of which turned out to be true. The Lost Village is just as captivating as The Ghost Hunters and the mystery surrounding an abandoned village, just as involving and spooky.

Springs skill as a writer kept me guessing what the connection between Sarah and the village might be. If Imber really haunted or a grand trick to force the military to return it to its former inhabitants. And what a cinema in central London has to do with a haunting on the Salisbury Plain. But rest assured, everything in the story comes together perfectly, in a way that’s both satisfying and just as heartbreaking as the events in the previous instalment.

Although you don’t have to have read the first book to enjoy this story, I would strongly recommend you do, otherwise, you’ll miss some nuances in Sarah and Harry’s relationship, learn how they met, how Sarah began working for him and why there is currently tension between the two and other characters.

‘I have a bad feeling I can’t shake. A sense that there’s something deeper out in that village. Something darker.’

― Neil Spring, The Lost Village

Neil’s writing style is right up my street. He has a magical way of drawing you into the story and developing even the most dislikable characters to a point where you care about what happens to them. It’s creepy, dark and thrilling, The Lost Village is an outstanding follow up to The Ghost Hunters.

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