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Blue Crush
Blue Crush (2002)

Plot – As a hard-core surfer girl prepares for a big competition, she falls for a football player – Blue Crush.

Director – John Stockwell

Starring – Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez, Matthew Davis

Genre – Romance | Drama

Released – 2002

John Stockwell’s Blue Crush may have plenty of weak points, namely a rather paper-thin plot filled with cliches, but surprisingly, this doesn’t stop it the movie from very entertaining. From the onset, you know what you’re going to get with Blue Crush. Attractive young people in bikinis and swim shots, lots of surfing sequences and romance. Luckily, the story by Lizzy Weiss and Stockwell does a good job of making these elements work well together and hold the audience’s interest for the duration. Though one part that breaks away from the cliche traditions of most sports drama’s is supportive and friendly atmosphere shared between the different competitors, there’s no love/sporting rival to overcome, instead, most of the film’s conflict stems from the relationships between the girls and wanting what’s best each other. Where the film shines is the impressive camera work and visuals, both of which were technically well-done and innovative, skilfully capturing the surf scenes along with the stunning Hawaii scenery and putting you at the heart of the action.

Blue Crush (2002)

On the surface, Blue Crush is a movie about beautiful people surfing and falling in love in beautiful exotic locales, but beneath the surface, there’s a charming underdog story and while the film isn’t perfect and rather predictable, you can’t help but feel inspired to follow your dreams.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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