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Wonder film review
Wonder (2017)

Plot – Based on the New York Times bestseller, this movie tells the incredibly inspiring and heart-warming story of August Pullman, a boy with facial differences who enters the fifth grade, attending a mainstream elementary school for the first time – Wonder.

Director – Stephen Chbosky

Starring – Jacob Tremblay, Owen Wilson, Julia Roberts, Izabela Vidovic

Genre – Drama

Released – 2017

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Wonder is an emotional, funny & uplifting story where you’ll fully sympathized with the plight of both August Pullman (Tremblay) along with that of his family and winder friendship circle. It was so wonderful to see and feel everything through him.

The movie has strong messages about the importance of kindness, love, acceptance and the power of true friendship. Tremblay proves once again that he is one of the most talented young actors working today. #Even under a ton of prosthetics, his skill shines through and you can’t help but root for August as he takes his first few steps into the wider world.

Wonder 2017

The rest of the cast also steps up to the mark, Izabela Vidovic as ‘Auggie’ older sister was a delight, while Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson were both great as worried but supportive parents. This was helped by the surprising decision to not focus the entire plot around Augusts time at school, but also the affect it has one each member of his family, his friends and some of those who have come to know him, thus providing the actors more to work with than what I was expecting and fleshed out the characters in way that enriches the story.

Finally, director Stephen Chbosky does a great job turning the source material into a skilfully crafted and infinitely rewatchable movie, that will will leave you in tears by the climax.

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