Howdy there traveler, as you have come to the ‘About’ part of the site, you either like what you see or you are trying to figure out who it could be that runs this unmitigated disaster, either way welcome to the inner working of my mind,  I’ll start with my name, it’s Stephen, I’m a twenty something blogger and film graduate who lives in the picturesque county of Shropshire in the English Midlands, I’m not overly sure where my life is going, but for now I’m content and quite enjoy sharing my thoughts on here for all of you to read.

Roses Have Thoughts covers almost every genre, from film to travel, music to fashion and everything in between, though it’s easy to be typecast and I like to keep things fresh, with different things popping up all the time.

There are a few things you should know about me if you plan on reading this blog on a regular basis, firstly I love Coca-Cola, pandas and road trips, all of which pop up in articles from time to time, secondly I am sometimes a bad blogger and let a week go by without posting, though this is mainly down to work commitments and finally I quite enjoy meeting new friends and am always looking out for gig buddies, so if you like my taste in music or just enjoy the live scene, give me a shout on TwitterInstragram or even Tumblr.

Anything else there is always email: stephen@roseshavethoughts.com

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