THE BYE BYE MAN January 29

Review | The Bye Bye Man

Don’t think it, don’t say it

hell-house-llc-poster-s January 13

Review | Hell House LLC

Horror film locations come in waves, the latest is hell houses In the 80’s it was camp-sites, 90’s took you to the woods and in the 00’s hospitals, now horror filmmakers need a new location for young people to die, that location seems to be the haunted houses that spring up all over the place […]

image-3 November 05

Travel | 5 places in Brighton you need to see in 2016

I do like to be beside the seaside

re-animator-27 October 31

Halloween Countdown: Top 5 Splatter

Watch out for blood

dvd-nosferatu-650 October 30

Halloween Countdown: Top 5 Vampires

Watch out for the bite

zombie-fulci-1979 October 27

Halloween Countdown: Top 5 Zombies

1. Night of the Living Dead A Barbara and her brother stumble into the middle of a zombie outbreak in rural Pennsylvania,  barely escaping she along with a rag-tag group of survivors take refuge in an abandoned farm-house while the dead rise from their graves Night of the living dead is the grandfather of all things […]

3016628-poster-p-1-leatherface-speaks-chainsaw-massacre-star-revisits-sweltering-house-of-horror_0 October 27

Halloween Countdown: Top 5 Slasher

Slash away