Blindspotting (2018)


Plot – While on probation, a man begins to re-evaluate his relationship with his volatile best friend – Blindspotting

Director – Carlos López Estrada

Starring – Daveed Diggs, Rafael Casal, Janina Gavankar

Genre – Crime, Comedy, Drama

Released – 2018

Rating: 6 out of 6.

For fans of – Sorry To Bother You, Eighth Grade, Boyz n the Hood


Blindspotting was so well written, directed, and acted that’s somewhat of a surprise that more people haven’t seen this film and the awards recognition wasn’t more plentiful. The filmmakers centre the plot on Collin (Diggs), an African-American male attempting to lead a peaceful life while on probation and his more volatile white best friend, Miles (Rafael Casal).

The dynamics between these two contrasting characters is a fascinating watch: a black man trying to keep his head down to avoid unwanted attention from the police and society at large, contrasted against a white man who can act in a completely reckless manner without risk of consequences. Showing in brutal fashion how two men who grow up in the same neighbourhood, share a great bond and are as close as brothers, can still face different challenges due to the colour of their skin.

Blindspotting wasn’t afraid to tackle the big issues facing American society, touching on gentrification, police brutality, life as a black en-con and how environmental factors can affect you in later life. Handling all of these sensitive subjects with powerful imagery and dialogue without offending solutions, but rather holding a mirror up to the inequality of today’s society.

The film was also brave enough to highlight that prejudice can stem from all cultures, with Miles (someone who is born and raised in inner-city Oakland) being accused of cultural appropriation by an upper-class black male who had moved into the area following its gentrification.

Normally, the films with the best editing are the ones where you hardly ever notice it or even think about it, leaving g you free to engage with the plot, characters and on-screen action. With Blindspotting, however, both the music and the editing play integral parts in making the movie such a powerful experience.

I for one wasn’t expecting this film to be as raw or powerful as it turned out to be. The performances throughout this film are iconic. The direction was pitch-perfect and the music choices set the tone perfectly. Overall, Blindspotting takes a rather simple idea and expands it into something spectacular, filled with truly shocking scenes, memorable dialogue and a couple of rap sequences that had me on the verge of tears. If you haven’t seen this film yet. you’re seriously missing out!.


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