Cheats (2002)

Cheats (2002)

Plot – A group of friends cheat their way through high school – Cheats

Director – Andrew Gurland

Starring – Matthew Lawrence, Elden Henson, Trevor Fehrman

Genre – Comedy

Released – 2002

Rating: 1 out of 5.

If you liked – She’s All That, Not Another Teen Movie, John Tucker Must Die


The basic plot for Cheats involves a group of stereotypical guys who set about coasting through life by cheating on pretty much all of what life throws at them, including making sure they always get good grades, which is partly why I found this movie quite so unenjoyable. The moral of the story is a lousy one, do bad and reap the rewards.

The other element of the film that made it such a chore to get through was the deplorable characters. The main character is a smug and arrogant guy who in any other teen drama would be the protagonist, yet here we are supposed to root for him when in reality it’s the last thing you wish to do, while the rest of the cast is a collection of unfunny and frankly forgettable characters that bring nothing to the plot.

If you were to look up bad teen comedy, Cheaters would be the epitome, it’s got bad acting, deplorable morals is unfunny and has aged poorly. I struggle to think of any reason you should go out of your way to watch this movie unless you wish to see just how bad it is for yourself.

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